Most Valuable Assets

You know what your Most Valuable Asset is right? Of course you do!! But is not your houseAnd it is not your carIt is not your educationIt is not your spouse/partnerIt is not your Social Media account (not even if you are monetized)It is not even your portfolio (if you have one)… It is your … Read more

Chiropractic is BEST for….

My assistant asked me “What is chiropractic BEST for?” Of course, because I am a chiropractor,  my first thought was, EVERYTHING!!  That is not really true. Chiropractic is BEST for the person who respects Physicians of all makes and models but recognizes that we (Physicians) have invested time and energy in studying extraordinarily hard, AND we … Read more

Are Chiropractors REAL Doctors?

This is an honest question.  I think many people have been swayed by the medical profession’s opinion of Chiropractors in specific and all non-allopathic (all of the nontraditional) practitioners in general, and consequently most people are unsure of what our true credentials are.  The short answer to this question is “Yes, we are REAL Doctors”. … Read more