Chiropractic is BEST for….

My assistant asked me “What is chiropractic BEST for?”

Of course, because I am a chiropractor,  my first thought was, EVERYTHING!!  That is not really true.

Chiropractic is BEST for the person who respects Physicians of all makes and models but recognizes that we (Physicians) have invested time and energy in studying extraordinarily hard, AND we are still just fallible Humans who are PRACTICING.

So that person or patient (that chiropractic is BEST for), INTUITIVELY knows that what their “the doctor within” says, should have just as much weight as any one of us with our Licenses on the wall. 

You understand what I mean by the “doctor within” right?  I hope so, but in case you are not sure… It is that little voice that tells you that the tickle in the back of your throat means you are getting sick, it is not from dry air or allergies or dog hair.  The little voice that says maybe you should stay in tonight and rest instead of going out.  Or sometimes it is the little voice that FORCES you to visit different practitioners, one after the other after the other, because EVEN THOUGH they have told you “there is nothing wrong with you (or your child)”, you KNOW different!!! 

You expected some other answer about what Chiropractic is Best for, didn’t you?  That is reasonable.  Maybe I should have said “low back pain” or “neck pain” or “headaches” or any number of other aches and pains..… I suppose I could have because for MANY people with low back pain and neck pain and headaches, etc. chiropractic care has been a GAME CHANGER. 

At different moments in your life, you absolutely may have an ache or a pain that Chiropractic can help with.  Statistically speaking, 7.5% of you are suffering with low back pain right now.

We, chiropractors, don’t look at you like you are sick or broken and we just have to fix the “sick” part, that is the MD world and Thank God they do what they do!! 

Chiropractors, on the other hand, have the privilege of looking at you as a Whole with an ability to help you improve from wherever you currently are.  I think that is Chiropractic’s Superpower: looking at you at THIS moment, with whatever trauma and stress and genes you bring to the table, with whatever boulders you have on Your River, that are obstructing your view and impeding your Flow!  (Analogy courtesy of Glennon Doyle, UNTAMED).

AND THEN we craft a plan for how you can move towards the Healthiest Version of Yourself, by improving the function of your body through your brain and nervous system and your lifestyle choices.

So, WHO IS CHIROPRACTIC BEST FOR?  Everyone.  Assuming you WANT to be a bigger, better, stronger, healthier version of yourself and you are willing to participate in that process.  I mean Bigger in the metaphorical way – the let your Genie out of the bottle and Be All That You Can Be, kind of bigger! (but not blue :p)

If you want to reach for your Metaphorical Bigness, you should add a chiropractor to your Healthcare Team.  You may even have to visit more than one to find the right person for your team. 

How do you know if someone should be on your healthcare team?  Well, refer to the above: They will talk to you about your goals and how you want to live your life now and later.  They will be interested in assisting you to manage and maintain your body and health so you can DO and BE the best You 😊  Bottom Line: they want to help you be the Best You for a Lifetime!!

If any of the above resonated with you, and you haven’t found a Chiropractor for your health care team yet, schedule a free consultation ( to see if we can help you be the Bigger Best You that you can be! If you already have one, HIGH FIVE! And if you are still uncertain, have questions, or want more information, give us a call at 602-712-9444!

Dr. Rebecca Carlson

Dr. Rebecca Carlson

I want to be the best I can with a chiropractic lifestyle: The best mom, the best wife, the best doctor / coach / cheerleader, in that order of priority. I also want to be the best athlete I can be, the best role model, the best friend, the best leader, and the smartest version of myself (you get the idea) that I can be.