Cramps or cramping is the result of having your muscles contract or spasm involuntarily. Sometimes it happens when you make extremely sudden movements or after a long day of overexertion. For women, cramping can also happen due to dysmenorrhea during periods. Oftentimes cramps can be quite painful, and even last for hours on end.

The Causes of Cramps

There are numerous things that can cause cramps, however, the most common are overexertion and not enough exertion. The former type of cramps can happen if you overwork yourself beyond your limits. The latter on the other hand, means that your muscles start to waste away and any sudden movements can cause a cramp to happen.

Cramps can also happen if you have muscle injuries that haven’t healed over yet. This is another case of overexertion and you should always make sure to get the rest needed to let these injuries heal.

Another common type of cramp are period cramps, otherwise known as dysmenorrhea. These types of cramps can be even worse than your typical cramp. These types of cramps happen in around 60% of women and can be very painful for several days with some even lasting a week.

Any Solutions for Cramps?

Cramping can be a constant and sudden issue that can come from out of nowhere. The good news is that there are quite a few things you can do to lower the chance of it happening, as well as ease the pain from a sudden cramp.

For prevention, you have quite a few options. The first is to make sure that you don’t overexert yourself. Overexertion is one of the leading causes of cramps and it can be difficult to judge when to stop doing what you’re doing. Another is to stay active and get frequent exercise. This helps increase your limits and allows you to do more, while avoiding cramps. Women wanting to avoid dysmenorrhea should also follow the same advice.

For helping ease the pain from cramps, you also have quite a few options. The best option for it though is to get some rest and wait it out. The only thing that’s worse when you get a cramp is forcing yourself to keep going when you’ve clearly reached your limit. The next best option for easing pain from it, is to use warmth to help relax your muscles. Hot showers, warm compresses and heating pads are great for this.

Cramps? Active Family Chiropractic Has You Covered!

Cramps can be debilitatingly painful, and they can be a chronic issue that you have to deal with. They can seriously hurt your quality of life and it can be hard to enjoy it with constant bouts of cramps. We’re here to help you with it.

Active Family Chiropractic is committed to providing treatments that can help ease the pain that you might experience from cramps. We also help you make healthy lifestyle changes to increase your exertion limits so you can do more without having to worry about a cramp ruining your day.