Limited range of mobility

Limited Range of Mobility

Being able to move freely is a luxury that many of us tend to take for granted and we often don’t appreciate it until it is taken away. When this happens, you’re often going to have issues trying to cope with the day to day things you’re used to doing. Sometimes even getting out of bed in the morning can be a struggle if you have a limited range of mobility. 

What Can Cause It?

Having limited range of mobility can be a big issue for a number of reasons. But one of the most unconsidered things that makes it a problem is the fact that it can happen for multiple reasons. There are countless reasons why you’d suddenly start losing your mobility and each case is often unique to each individual. However, they can be quickly broken down into three categories: injuries, genetic problems and diseases


The first are injuries and this cause is straightforward when it comes to limiting your mobility. Injuries that come from accidents and other external factors damage your body in a multitude of ways and each can make it difficult to move your body in one way or another. For example, a hand injury limits your ability to handle everyday objects, while a broken leg makes it harder to go from one place to another. These are also more common and more severe in high risk accidents, like in a car crash, or fall from great heights.


The second is genetic problems. This one is a bit less straightforward as this means that you are born with the problem causing your limited range of mobility. It is also much more difficult to remedy as genetic issues are ingrained into a person.


The last way your mobility could be limited is by simply catching a disease. One thing to note about having your mobility limited by a disease is the fact that each one can cause varying degrees of limited mobility. For example, the Flu can affect your muscles and cause pain whenever you move, but you’re often still able to handle everyday tasks. On the other end of the spectrum is Sciatica, where your sciatic nerve that runs down the back of your leg is compressed and causes a high amount of pain and often limits your mobility.

What Are Your Options?

Just like the many varying reasons behind limited mobility, you also have a number of great options available to use depending on what is causing it. For the more minor causes, you simply need to make sure that you’re getting the rest you need to recover. Possibly even some medication to help the pain and quicken your healing. However, for the more major causes like in a car accident, long standing genetic issue or a major disease, it becomes important to seek out the right medical professional to help in your recovery.

Active Family Chiropractic is Here to Help!

One of the worst things you have to deal with when you have a limited range of mobility isn’t the limited mobility itself. It’s the recovery. Recovering from it can be a long and problematic process. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Our team at Active Family Chiropractic is ready to help you recover from issues like limited mobility. We understand that each case of this can be very unique to each person, so we make sure that our therapies and solutions are also unique to you.