Most Valuable Assets

You know what your Most Valuable Asset is right? Of course you do!!

But is not your house
And it is not your car
It is not your education
It is not your spouse/partner
It is not your Social Media account (not even if you are monetized)
It is not even your portfolio (if you have one)…

It is your HEALTH.

How do you confirm that?
Think of the last time you were sick or felt unwell, did you EVEN THINK OF Your car? Your house? Your education? Your partner? Your social media account? Your portfolio?

No, you spent all of your waking moments wishing and waiting for your body to get better. Hoping that your “normal” would return quickly.

You know why? Because deep down you KNOW your body has the ability to heal itself. Especially when you are sick or injured, you are just waiting for your body to heal itself and bring you back to your normal.

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THAT IDEA—> that your body has the ability to heal itself
In. A. Nutshell.
That is it —> Your body can heal itself.

***Now the fine print should say that your ability for your body to heal itself relies on whether or not your brain and nerves (nervous system) are working the way they are supposed to, or as we like to say “optimally”.

That is WHY You get adjusted, to make sure nothing is interfering with your brain’s ability to talk to the rest of your body and the body’s ability to send information back to the brain..

Now for the elephant in the room: what if you know that your brain and nervous system are probably NOT working the best that they could because you do not have the best lifestyle habits?

Well, that is actually the KEY.

Take just a short moment and think of what you to be like when you get “OLD”…What do you want to be CAPABLE of doing when you are 40 or 60 or 80 or even 100 (should you be blessed to make it to those ages), what do you want to be able to DO when you get there? What will your life LOOK and FEEL like?

We refer to that as LONGEVITY. Current research suggests 20% of your longevity is dependent on your genetics

That means that 80% of your LONGEVITY is based on your decisions RIGHT NOW!!

The amount of fun and adventure, and how you FEEL and the activities you are capable of when you get older, is based on all of the decisions you are making right now!!!

I am fully aware that that is a sobering and heavy thought; doesn’t change the truth in it. But there is something EASY you can do to start improving LONGEVITY:

ADD A CHIROPRACTOR to your HealthCare Team.

Yes, Your Chiropractor can be a LifeSaver when you have been in a

  • car accident,
  • your low back hurts
  • you did not get enough sleep
  • you have a headache
  • you have scoliosis
  • you feel “off”
  • you have traveled or are going to travel
  • after you’ve done yard work
  • during allergy season
  • when you are sick
  • when you have a degenerative condition
  • when you overdo it at the gym
  • when you sneeze and you feel like someone stuck a switchblade between your ribs..
  • when you are trying to perform at a certain level or you want to perform at the NEXT level
  • when you want to STAY healthy and have fewer challenges down that “Aging” road

All of those are great reasons to see a chiropractor.

The BEST reason for YOU to see a chiropractor is to STAY healthy. To ensure, INSURE, be PROactive so that the (inescapable) aging process goes as slowly and as gracefully as possible IF, of course, that is something important to you.

If you are one of those people that have an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality, well then, you go ahead and wait until something is “broken”. No problem, I will wait:) but my experience is that it will COST you more, take LONGER to improve and oftentimes you won’t make it “back to where you were”, so WAITING equals more pain. Not much of a sales pitch.

So, work on KEEPING your health now, OR work on getting it BACK later, either way it’s gonna cost ya: time, energy and money, now or later. So if investing time, energy and money are a “given”, then maybe the better question to ask yourself is what payoff do you get by investing your time, energy and money NOW versus later?

I think you DESERVE to find out for yourself, don’t you?

Go check out our google reviews to see what other people have to say. Go ahead. I will wait. Maybe you are still thinking those are fakes or no one is in as bad a shape as you, I have heard it all. But you will never know until you go ahead and try it for yourself: start regular consistent chiropractic care for 6 months and see what happens.

Well, for goodness sake you would not go to the gym ONE time and expect to be ripped would you? You don’t brush your teeth and expect to be cavity free forever do you? Of course not. Give YOUR health and nervous system a fair chance to reap the reward.

Once a week for 26 weeks, forget messing with your insurance – you really don’t want to be documented in their tracking system anyway!

Find a chiropractor you feel like is a great resource for you, discuss your care plan, iron out the payments and get busy!! Make sure you are tracking how you feel, how you move, how you sleep, your overall well being, take posture pictures – and then compare at the end. And please, come back and tell us how you did! Share your before and after pictures and let us cheer for your successes 😉

**Don’t know where to start? Well if you are local Tempe, Mesa, South Scottsdale ARIZONA, we would hope you choose us! And if you are not? Email us @ or call us @ 602.712.9444. We will help you find the right person for your healthcare team. Really. Happy to Help. But “ONLY SERIOUS” need to respond. No trolls allowed. Seriously, go bother someone else, we have peeps to help!

Dr. Rebecca Carlson

Dr. Rebecca Carlson

I want to be the best I can with a chiropractic lifestyle: The best mom, the best wife, the best doctor / coach / cheerleader, in that order of priority. I also want to be the best athlete I can be, the best role model, the best friend, the best leader, and the smartest version of myself (you get the idea) that I can be.