Shortness of breath

Shortness of Breath

Have you ever tried doing something exhausting that you’ve already done before, but you ended up getting winded far more easily? Then you might have a case of shortness of breath. Usually what this means is that your body isn’t getting enough oxygen in one way or another. It also often accompanies coughing or wheezing.This is usually not a cause for concern as it might just be an off day for you. However, it might be a sign that you’ve got some sort of condition that can affect you in the long term.

How Can Shortness of Breath Happen?

You might be wondering exactly how this symptom of a bigger condition can happen. Some of the most common are ones that affect the lungs directly. Asthma, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are just some of the lung related issues that can cause shortness of breath. Besides these lung issues, other problems with your body can also cause it. Anemia, and sleep apnea to name a few. Even malnutrition, prolonged exhaustion and lack of physical activity can cause it.

What Can You Do About Shortness of Breath?

With how many things can cause shortness of breath, it makes sense to start from the bottom moving up when it comes to preventing and treating it. Taking a look at your diet and physical routine are some of the first things you should be doing. These malnutrition and lack of exercise are often major culprits when it comes to any kind of condition that you might experience. If you find that these two aren’t the culprit, then it might be time to visit a professional.

Visiting a professional will allow you to find out exactly what can be causing your shortness of breath. They’ll even be able to provide very specific instructions on how to handle your specific issue. Just know that these professionals will often recommend medication, therapy and long term treatments, in addition to a proper diet and appropriate levels of exercise.

Shortness of Breath? Not a Problem With Active Family Chiropractic!

Shortness of breath should never be a problem you should face alone. Especially since they can cause avoidable long term issues. Just know that you aren’t alone. We want to be there for you and help you get over this issue.

Our team of professionals are your companions in your journey to excellent health, and fitness. Whether you’re experiencing shortness of breath, or some other condition, we aim to provide treatments that are tailor fit to your needs.