Leg and Foot Pain

Leg and Foot Pain

Our legs and feet carry us throughout the day, taking us everywhere we need to go. They’re the workhorse of the body and getting around wouldn’t be as easy when they’re not at 100%. They’re strong, resilient, and powerful, but they can also be prone to pain and discomfort. Leg and foot pain in particular can be difficult to deal with as every day an average person takes over several thousands of steps. That’s several thousand instances of pain surging up from your legs and feet and several thousand instances where it could happen for the first time.

What Can Cause Leg and Foot Pain?

Leg and foot pain, like many other types of pain, can happen for a number of reasons. The most common cause for this type of pain is overexertion and injury.

Overexerting yourself is bad for a number of reasons, but is even more apparent when it’s around your legs and feet. Not only do you limit your mobility when you experience pain in the legs and feet, but you also have to deal with the pain itself. Luckily overexertion isn’t an issue if you properly pace yourself and rest when needed. Injury on the other hand is a different story.

Getting injured can happen out of nowhere and it can be incredibly difficult to deal with depending on how severe the accident was. Leg pain from an injury can range from a mild pain when moving  to complete loss of mobility and constant pain. The worst part is that accidents don’t just target your legs either and can cause all sorts of issues for your body.

Leg and foot pain can also be caused by diseases and various other conditions. Sciatica for example is a condition that can cause severe cases of leg and foot pain. Another condition that can cause it is Arthritis. In these situations, it’s best to approach a medical professional for help.

What Can You Do About Leg and Foot Pain?

Despite the wide reaching effects of leg and foot pain, it isn’t incurable. Most cases of this type of pain can be handled as long as proper precautions and treatments are taken.

For mild cases of pain in your legs and feet, rest is your best answer. Overexertion and strain can take a toll on your body, and your legs and feet will almost always be caught in it. Take time to relax and recover and you shouldn’t have to deal with this type of pain. Warm and cold compresses can also help minimize the pain. Major causes of this type of pain will need more specific treatments, however.

Major cases like those caused by conditions, disorders, and diseases will almost always need the hand of a professional when dealing with them. This is because the pain is only a symptom of a much larger problem. Fixing the bigger problem will most likely get rid of the pain. Medication, nutritional advice, and direct treatment options like chiropractic treatment are all great solutions that a professional can provide.

Experience Leg and Foot Pain Relief with Active Family Chiropractic!

While some leg pain may go away on its own, it’s important to seek professional help if the pain persists or worsens. The right professional team can make all the difference when dealing with this type of pain and our team at Active Family Chiropractic aims to be that team for you.


Our team of professionals are well versed in handling all the problems that leg and foot pain can bring. This is why we ensure that every patient is given a personalized treatment that works for their specific needs. We’ll make sure that we are with you every step of the way!