We know that navigating your own health can be confusing and overwhelming, so we’re here to make it simpler and more approachable. We want to make sure you’re armed with the right knowledge to help protect yourself from the various conditions that you might encounter. We’ve got you covered from the simplest of body pains, to more complicated conditions like Neuralgia and Fibromyalgia.

So what are you waiting for? You’re just one click away from finding out how to identify, and deal with certain conditions; both before it becomes an issue, and after you need help dealing with it.

Body Pain

Pain is a common issue that everyone has to deal with, and it’s also one of the most common conditions you’re going to encounter. The worst part is that it can be caused by numerous other conditions that can be difficult to figure out.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Your wrists help give your hands a wide range of motion. But overexertion, and even injuries can cause a condition that will cause chronic pain in one or more of your wrists. This is called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


Your tendons are what connect your bones to your muscles and allow you to move around. They are the wires that let your body move fluidly. However, like real wires, they can degrade and get damaged if they’re overused.

Tennis Elbow

Your elbows are responsible for giving your arms the wide range of motion it has. However, there are cases when you can take this for granted and overuse it. This can cause a condition called Tennis Elbow.

Headaches and Migraines

One of the more common types of pain that you might experience, are headaches. Usually they
can be a pain in the neck, quite literally, and will mostly pass. However, they can be a sign that something is terribly wrong.


Sciatica is another condition that affects your nerves. Sciatica happens when a very specific nerve called your sciatic nerve is compressed in one way or another. This can cause large amount of pain, and even limit your mobility.


Making sure you get enough air to keep you going is your lungs job. However, you could develop a condition that can cause inflammation in your lungs. This condition is called Asthma and it can make it much harder to breathe.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, your nerves are the information highway of your body. They are essential to proper body function and any damage to them can be devastating in more ways than one. This condition is collectively called Neuralgia.

Herniated Discs

Your spine is one of the most essential parts of your body as it helps bridge the gap and send signals. However, it can also be damaged through the spinal discs that help support the nerves that make up your information highway.


Neuralgia isn’t the only nerve condition that you have to worry about. Another nerve condition, called Fibromyalgia can be debilitating in its own way. It makes your nerves far more sensitive to stimulus and it can make minor pain feel excruciating.

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