Probably yesterday and today and last week and last month.  Really.  I have ALWAYS known I was Chosen for this Profession.  I never went to the chiropractor when I was a kid.  My first visit was when I was already in college!  And that trip was only because the athletic director at the college told me I had to go.  Dr. Redebaugh must’ve seen something in me because he brought out the catalog to his alma mater and told me “Read this.  I will be back.”  I read it.  I wanted to work with muscles  not nerves, I told him.  Famous last words.

Shortly thereafter a then boyfriend said, “Why don’t you just apply (to chiropractic college) and if you get in, then you will know that is what you are supposed to do”.  I got in and I went along with it.   I did not even get my first adjustment until I had already committed to going to chiropractic college and had already moved to that town.

I don’t always feel like I am in Love with Chiropractic.  Sometimes I am “over” hearing about aches and pains all day long.  But it is really not all day long.  Most days are all about progress and feeling better and surprise results: my allergies are better, I sleep better, I stand taller, I see better, I can walk, I can put on my own shoes, I can row 1000s of meters and my back still feels good, I can almost do my bodyweight in a deadlift, I want to start training with your husband, I poop regularly, my horrible menstrual cramps are gone, my son’s eczema is gone… that is when I fall in love with chiropractic.

And when Athena, 2 YOA, runs into the office and straight into my arms for a big hug and kiss, I fall  in love with chiropractic.

When my assistant’s son, 4 YOA, runs into my office saying “ Doooooocccccc, where are you?” I fall in love with chiropractic.  Even though he whines every time about me squishing him ;P

When Liz and her family come into the office and she informs me that Anna, who I have made cry before (during an adjustment because she was sick and felt awful) says, “it’s time to go see Doc C” I fall in love with Chiropractic.

When Renee, Liz’s mom comes in and says “Dr. C is part of our family”, I definitely fall in love with chiropractic.

When Jessica comes in and tells me that not only did she run for 40min yesterday, plus a 10 warm up and a 10 min cool down AND she can get up today and walk and drive her car (after years of not being able to sit on her tailbone so she could not drive). I fall in love with chiropractic.

When my OWN children, say “Mom, will you adjust me?” My heart just about explodes and I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be working with some of the most amazing humans that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I am Head Over Heels in Love with Chiropractic and the Life that it offers people.

Dr. Rebecca Carlson

Dr. Rebecca Carlson

I want to be the best I can with a chiropractic lifestyle: The best mom, the best wife, the best doctor / coach / cheerleader, in that order of priority. I also want to be the best athlete I can be, the best role model, the best friend, the best leader, and the smartest version of myself (you get the idea) that I can be.