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Our mission is to educate and empower our patients and their families to make long-term health management decisions that will allow them to live the fittest and most adventurous lifestyle that they want for as long as they want. We believe in helping all of our patients, no matter their age or ability level, to strive for their ultimate wellness in both mind and body.

To support our chiropractic patients on their journey of health, we adjust them, counsel them on important lifestyle changes, help them identify areas in their lives that may be hindering them, and conduct workshops related to wellness, active lifestyle, aspects of health, and the importance of maintaining proper posture.

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Dr. Rebecca Carlson

I aspire to excel in embracing a chiropractic lifestyle to the fullest. My primary roles are being the best mom and wife, followed by excelling as a doctor, coach, and cheerleader. Additionally, I am committed to becoming the best athlete possible, a stellar role model, a dependable friend, an effective leader, and continuously evolving into the most knowledgeable version of myself. This comprehensive approach fuels my dedication to personal and professional growth.

Dr. Rebecca Carlson

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